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im home. life is all returning as it was and then some. japan was a fucking dream.

if anyone wants to hang out call me (503)287 7148


god i dont want to go home.

so last night my host family threw a dinner for me. a couple of my dads friends who i got drunk with a few weeks ago came over. i was so happy. i sat between them so i could have someone pushing drinks on me at all times. they kept on making me eat to even though i was really full. japan is really big on using rock paper scissors to solve anything and everything. so everytime i said i didnt want to eat something, theyd make that the deciding factor on whether i was going to eat it anyway. and id always lose :(

anyway, heres the funny part. i swear id love my host sister if i were always drunk and she were torturing some other foriegner... anyway, so when everyone was good and drunk, she comes over and starts hanging all over one of my dads friends. whos like, 40 or so. she leads her head on his shoulder and links arms with him and starts going off about how cool he is. im just like "god, why dont you guys get married or something?" and she kinda laughs and then get away with drinking some of the sake he had cause everyone was too drunk to care. she was all like "is this water?" yeah you moron. we`re all drinking water over here... anyway. then i think the topic goes to traveling, i dont really remember, all i know is that my host sister gets REALLY creepy and starts rubbing up against him and says "yeah, you and i can stay at a love hotel!" and i see my host mom turn to this other woman who was there and go "whoa, she knows what a love hotel is?" and i start busting up laughing. then both of my dads friend are like "why you laughing tierney?! huh?! how do you know what a love hotel is?! oh man, tierneys so perverted!" what a wierd as night... i also recall promising everyone in the room a million times that id tell them when i get married so they can all fly out to see it. aw.

anyway, so everytime i drink with these two guys, the one that my host sister was all over text messages my phone in english. this morning i got; "Drinking informally with friends, is considered to be very inportant for human relations ! you are all OK and p.g.?! good night ;) "

im gonna miss that guy :(

so, this is my last entry in japan. so maybe this would be a good time for the freaking 70 of you who added me to your friendslist after i came here to take me off. im about to lose my awesome appeal. or you can keep me on. i dont really care.

as for my 2tru frenz, i will be in

Portland Airport August 17th Flight UA580 2:24pm

or you know, i may "miss" my flight and stay here forever and fullfill my dreams of becoming a kogal a little early... but come to the airport just in case, ok?


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this post is all about hate. because im full of it.

Trust Me Instead: hi
mffdvr311: how you doin
Trust Me Instead: fine
mffdvr311: yea
mffdvr311: whats your name
Trust Me Instead: why?
Trust Me Instead: who the hell are you?
mffdvr311: rick
Trust Me Instead: i dont know any rick
mffdvr311: not yet
Trust Me Instead: not ever. byebye now
mffdvr311: lame
Trust Me Instead: just what i was thinking when you IMed me

ive been really snappy these days. i dont care for strangers too much. ..HAHA OH!! i just realized what his screen name meant.

anyway, speaking of hate, since my shit list is too long to post, here are the following people who are NOT on it;

jeff k.
that guy from LJ

the rest of you havnt written to me once. why? was i not here long enough? did time without me just fly right by that you completely forgot? was my address not REMINDED to you enough times? was the things i sent YOU in the mail not good enough? do you really not know how to use the post office?

kidding. anyway.

heres hate i have for japan:

1. people who speak to me in english and giggle about it. my native language is not a fucking novelity you moron. i never thought id be offended by anything people did or said about where im from, but this irritates me more than ever now. this hate mostly comes from my host sisters. where most of my hate stems now. "HARROO!! HOW ARE YOUUU HARROO!! TIANY! HARROOO!! HAHAHAHHAA" go on, laugh it up. i will murder in your sleep tonight.

ok thats all the hate i got for now, to even things out, heres a sweet ass picture how im going to decorate my bed when i get home:

oh yeah. how you doin?


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woa girl you are so hot! im getting kinda hot just seeing your profile pics. i am 25 american living in china. i work here. so do you have any more *sexy* pics i can see? i can send you mine if you want. whatever you like, nude ones too! hmmmmm....

send me some pics at chinaman777@yahoo.com

what is your address?


haha everyone is fucking stupid.


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hi friends! i still dont have the internet at my house, and i guess at this point it doesnt really matter if i dont have it until i get home since its less that 2 weeks until im outta of here. is that fucking insane to anyone besides me?

my nightmares about going home are occuring even stronger now. like, im not joking about this, i have nightmares. the other night i dreamed i got home and everything was boring and all i could feel was this immense pain of missing my life here. im sure it was exaggerated a lot, but man. a few weeks ago i had a dream about going back and it was so boring im pretty sure it was in black and white. haha.

heres a random cute thing aobut japan: since school girls have to wear long socks with the uniform, in hot areas, like here, a lot of them get this weird tan line from where the sock ends. its like a school girl marking. its funny to see them outside of school in their mini skirts and heels with this crazy tan line in the middle of the leg. i went out with some girls at my school the other day. we ate at mcdonalds. there was this woman working there. one of my friends pointed out she was in highschool cause she saw her tan line.. then we started talking about ours. they all had these pretty strong ones. mines pretty faint since i try and be good about wearing sun screen, but i slip sometimes, so there it is. im going to cry when its gone :(

my host mom is really into this korean drama thats dubbed in japanese. i watch it with her a lot. it just ended a few days ago. the two main characters get married n stuff. the main guy, oh man. hes so amazing. the way he looks at her, he really really loves her. hes always smiling and just so happy to be around her and cares about her so damn much. it pains my little heart. all i want in life is someone to love me like a korean. but not a dirty half korean like johnny japan.

im going to be at the portland airport on august 17th 2:24pm... WILL YOU?!


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ohhh man.. OHHH MAAN. yesterday ruled so much. i drank enough for 10 men. so much drinking i did... you see, i went out bowling with my host family and all these other people. i really didnt want to be there but the night turned sweet when we went out to dinner afterwards and it was all you can eat of my most favorite foods: takoyaki, yakisoba, udon, fried things and BEER. i sat with my host dads friends who were like "TIANY! WOOO!! WHY ARENT YOU DRINKING?!" and theyd ask me that everytime i wasnt drinking out of my glass. theyd be like "WHY ARE YOU DRINKING SO SLOW? HURRY UP AND FINISH IT. CHUG IT. YOU HAVE TO GO GET MORE" and then wed kampai a lot. it was sweet. after that when i figured the night was over i stumbled into the taxi with my host mom who i was trying to convince i was totally sober. then i see my host dad`s friend again who was like "YOU CANT COME?!" and i was like "buh?" and my host mom was like "to where?" and he says something about a bar and before he could finish i was jumping out of the taxi and holding his hand without bothering to get permission. i ended up going to this bar with like, 7 old japanese men. i ordered so many drinks it was ridiciulous. before i was even half way done with one the guy next to me was putting a menu in my face and helping me pick out what to order next. i had to guys on either side of me reminding me to finish my drink really fast whenever it was it was not in my hand. eventually the men got drunk enough to feel comfortable about gushing over how pretty i am and how large my chest is. then they ordered all this really good food and kept asking me why i wasnt eating, even though i was.

THEN!! just when i figured the night was over we went to another bar. the one i went with natuski to last week. the woman working their remembered me and had me sing the titanic song again for karaoke. i drank another gallon of beer and sat next to this guy who kept having me eat pocky from his mouth. you know like the lady and the tramp speggetti thing? i did that with POCKY! to a married japanese man! twice! HAHHAHAHAHA!! YOU THINK ITS CREEPY BUT ITS NOT ITS FUNNY AND ID DO IT AGAIN. ... so then i end up dancing with this other man, and this crazy drunk woman butted in and started dancing with me. she got the entire bars attention to show them how tall i am. but instead of, you know, comparing the tops of our heads like sober people do, she compared us by WHERE OUR CUNTS STARTED. she did it about a million times too "LOOK! HERS STARTS HERE (jab jab) MINES WAAAY DOWN HERE" and id just laugh my drunkin laugh with my arm around her shoulder.

so then finally it was time to go home :((( we all took a taxi and i was sure to call <3johnny japan<3 right away when i got in my room. it was so sweet because he did that asshole thing that we do to eachother sometimes where we give our phones to an asain out of no where and force the person to speak japanese in the worst kind of way: on the phone. but this was SO sweet because my japanese was SO good the guy didnt believe i was really american! for realz! he kept asking, being like "are you really american?! really?!?! no way.. say something in english." then i think johnny got really mad and grabbed the phone and told me how he couldnt stop going off about how i have no accent and how he was convinced im really just an english speaking japanese person. HAHAHAHAHA!! MY JAPANESE REALLY IS AMAZING WHEN IM DRUNK. AND IM BETTER THAN JOHNNY JAPAN!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

later i got a mail on my phone from 2 of the guys i was with last night. one wrote in english saying "did you have fun studying in japan? ;) good night!" and i LOLed.

is it a bad thing that some of my most fondest memories here are the ones with a drink in my hand and an old japanese guy next to me filling it?


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im back at my internet cafe. its pretty sweet here, free drinks and hai chu.

i bought a new egg magazine today. im trying to keep my consumption to minimum, since magazines really add up weight wise and i got too much to take home as it is. but im pretty happy i bought this one. they had this huge ass sex survey. it was sweet, get this:

among kogal ladiez

94% like sex
92% have never masturbated (filthy liars)
60% dont know how to put on a condom
80% of their boy`s cum in their vaginas (after that it was mouth, body, face, etc)
42% use the pull out method for birth control

MAN NO WONDER THESE LADIEZ ARE KNOWN FOR BEING PREGGO THESE DAYS. its funny too, since most of the girls they survey/interview range from 15-19. god i love this magazine..

ok, so they had a small survey for the guys too. man, i knew japanese boys were cute, but i had no idea they were such RIDICULOUS LIARS.. get this , they surveyed them asking when was the first time they had sex, the lowest percentle, and also the highest age was 15. then, the highest percentile being at 11 YEARS OLD. HAHAHAHA, YOUR TENTICAL WET DREAMS DONT COUNT, ASIANS.

anyway, the computers here are wicked fast. i dont ever wanna leave.



so, i fucked up my internet at home... im at a internet cafe! its pretty sweet. im not sure how much im i have left here.. umm. im alone and the guy that ones it beens walking by behind me, creepy.

ok. so lots has happened in the 3 horrid days ive been away from internet contact. i got my hair straight permed. it was so sweet. the red i have dyed it however faded completely when they added all these chemicals, so im back to blonde. its a sweet blonde however. not the weird yelowish blonde that i had before, but a sexy blonde that kinda suits me... anyway, my hair is riduclously good looking again. and getting it done was hella nice. there was this guy there talking to me. it was so hot. turned out he went to my school here a couple years ago and we talked some while he washed and blow dried my hair. oh man, if theres one way to flirt with me, its to do it while washing my hair. he didnt even care that i made an idiot out of myself a couple times, he kept quizzing me to make sure i understand what i was saying, hed be like "uh, do you know what that means? how do you say it in english" and id just kinda laugh nervously and tell him i didnt know and hed laugh and change the subject. he told me about how japanese guys get really swoony around gaijin ladiez...

so the day after was princess day 4 tiany. omg i was such a princess.. i went out and got my hair done and got all dressed up in my kimono and went out with natsuki to this festival that was going on. i got so much attention being all foreign in my kimono with my newly blonde hair. everyone was taking my picture, especially a 2 or 3 guys who had these huge professional cameras practically put me in a whole photoshoot. it was creepy and flattering. there was this group of guys who kept yelling at me in english everytime i walked by. one in particular was passing out these samples of these fishy flake shit you put on yakisoba here. he gave me like, 8 packets, haha. then later i walked by him and his friend nudged him and was like "look, the gaijins back" and hes like "OHHHH!!" and we talked some. he was really drunk and was telling me how he knew of me (me being famous in my little city and all). i asked him if he was drunk and he was like "yeeeeaaahh.. how old are you?" i told him i was 18 and hes like "WELL THATS OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK" and he pulled out this giant can of beer out of no where and gave it to me. it was so sweet. i had his friend who was in a bunny suit take out picture after that.. its a good picture. i look really drunk holding this giant can of beer with my arm around some japanese guy flashing some crazy ass gang sign (cause all the boys are gangsta here!)..

afterward natsuki invited me to go out to this bar with these old guys who was friends with her boyfriend. i got really drunk and there was karaoke so they all peer pressured me into singing the titanic song... and then every beatles song they could think of. natsuki kept cheering me on, and i kept ordering more beer.

yesterday was "fireworks day"... holy shit. i cant believe my american home has the biggest fireworks display west of the mississippi. these fireworks were the same, if not better, and i doubt my little loser town is known for fireworks at all... insane.. natsuki was helping her boyfriend sell fried chicken right by a pretty sweet place where you could see the fireworks and all, so i helped out too. um. yeah.

i go home in less than 3 weeks. why?


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my host dad went out drinking and brought back one if his friends who was ridiculously drunk. like most drunk japanese men, he tried really hard to talk to me in english. at first he kept saying "nice to meet youuuu!!" and shaking my hand. then it was "ehh.. mmm.. have a niiice... trip. best wish.. " and hed go through these moments of making thinking noises trying to figure out what to say next, but then hed just repeating that.. then he pointed at my host dad and was like "he is... best friend.. mm.. yes... ehhh.. mm best friend.. he... ehh.. yes... best... friend" while my host dad who was also drunk puts his arms around in from the back and begins grouping his chest. i love drunk japanese men more than my drunk friends.

anyways, on to better things

thanks for the porn new friend 8)


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he buys my pee ^_^


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